About Us



Demonstrating Excellence in Equestrian Estates

Headquartered in Cartersville in northwest Georgia, Stein Equestrian delivers exceptional design and comprehensive development solutions for the finest of Equestrian Estates.

Founder and President John Stein has been providing land development and construction management solutions throughout the U.S. over 30 years. With his depth of business experience in the world of construction, coupled with his deeply rooted history in farming and a honest passion for excellence, John is uniquely positioned to lead the development journey for your new equestrian facility.

Whether you are planning to take a greenfield site or are planning to repurpose an existing site for an equestrian or special use facility, Stein Equestrian is committed to developing the project correctly from the start. Dedicated to excellence in all facets of our work, we collaborate with you to realize a final outcome that results in the best value, as well as the most livable and optimal investment for generations to come.

While the majority of Stein Equestrian projects center around Equine activity, the company is also involved in both wood and steel structures that can be used for special event centers, or housing collections of tractors, automobiles, and the like. Some estates solely involve a barn, access roads, and green space. Others may include onsite housing, enclosed arenas, pastures, and accessory buildings.

No matter the type of project, Stein Equestrian gives respectful consideration to how each site is developed—from land evaluation and acquisition through the complete site plan development, working through zoning and local code requirements, building design, special features, and on through the coordination of the full construction and final detailing. It is always our priority objective to develop superior, fully featured facilities integrating quality structural materials and fixtures to help you achieve your goals.