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Advantages & Disadvantages of Combined Barn & Residential Space

For many families who love their horses and want to be near them, there is nothing more practical than having a combined horse barn and residence. And, while it may sound unusual to many non-horse people, it is actually an arrangement that has been around since ancient times when people discovered that the heat of animals helped to warm the space for humans. Later on in an 1839 edition of An Encyclopedia of Cottage, Farm, and Villa Architecture and Furniture, [...]

Horse Stall Barn Ventilation Concepts

Good natural and mechanical ventilation for your horse stall barn should be one of your highest priorities in the design phase. Ventilation is important to the health of the horses and those caring for them. Natural Barn Ventilation The structure itself should have sidewall overhangs of substantial length that are open underneath or if finished off have a perforated soffit material to allow for airflow in through the soffit  and up underneath the roof deck towards the center Ridge. Horse stall [...]

Outdoor Riding Arena Design Considerations

Many factors come into play in determining the perfect location and design for your new outdoor arena. The first consideration is how large and what shape of an arena do you want or need.  The size and shape are mainly determined by the discipline of riding that you are involved with.  A dressage arena is much different than a hunter / jumper arena.  And, you may want additional room around the inside perimeter of the arena fencing to “walk” the [...]

Master Site Plan Development for Your Equestrian Stable

Maybe you have owned property for some time that now you have decided to develop into an equestrian facility, or recently purchased a site to fulfill your dream for a horse farm / equestrian estate; or farm like setting to house your automobile or tractor collection; it is now time to look at the big picture and then zoom in on the details. As you start the planning process it is best to begin with detailing a Master Site Plan.  [...]

Finding the Right Piece of Property for Your Equestrian Estate

Whether it is a large professional training center or a small private estate for your personal riding goals, choosing the right green field property is one of the most important decisions to be made for creating a great estate. The old saying “Location, Location, Location” being the 3 most important factors for real estate also holds true for an equestrian estate – but it goes beyond just the geographic position. Early on in your search for just the right property, [...]