Horse Stall Barn Ventilation Concepts

Good natural and mechanical ventilation for your horse stall barn should be one of your highest priorities in the design phase. Ventilation is important to the health of the horses and those caring for them.

Natural Barn Ventilation

The structure itself should have sidewall overhangs of substantial length that are open underneath or if finished off have a perforated soffit material to allow for airflow in through the soffit  and up underneath the roof deck towards the center Ridge.


Horse stall top half swinging or full Dutch stayed doors along with large end wall sliding doors also aid with natural ventilation.

Positioning the stall barn so the prevailing winds will blow down the center aisle is also an advantage if your site plan will accommodate that orientation.

se-pic-3A tall sidewall height along with a fairly steep roof pitch will help with that hot humid summer air and keep it above the horse stalls.

Horse Barn Builders | Tall Side wall | Stein Equestrian LLC

Mechanical Barn Ventilation Ideas

Getting back to the natural overhang ventilation up under the roof deck again…
It is best to have roof cupolas at the center Ridge line that have powered fans in them. These fans work best if a thermostat is set at the ridge near the fan so they automatically turn on at a set temperature. The fan will draw air as discussed up under the roof deck from your vented sidewall overhangs. In this case it is also best not to have a continuous vented Ridge line. If you do have cupolas and a continuous vented Ridge line then when the cupolas turn on they will just draw the hot air back in from the ridge on either side of the cupola.

se-pic-5These are all ideas for getting fresh outside air into and through your horse barn.

Now on to more mechanical ventilation for moving air within your stall barn…

We encourage two types of stall area mechanical ventilation most often.Individual 0″ diameter electric enclosed motor stall fans mounted high above one corner of the tall so the air blows down at a 45 degree angle into the stall work best if you are looking to control each stall separately. se-pic-6

On the other hand, if you are looking for total barn area mechanical ventilation then large center aisle mounted fans work best. We personally like the brand Big Ass Fans. These style fans are quiet, use very little energy, and move a massive amount of encourage you to consult with Stein Equestrian on how to best meet your design needs whether it is for your new horse stall barn or retrofitting your existing horse stall barn. A healthy and safe home for your horses is key to every Stein Equestrian design and installation.